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A Special Welcome

Linda would like to welcome you to Visual-Spatial Resource!

What is a Visual-Spatial Learner?

Creative, curious, out-of-the-box thinkers, VSLs learn by intuitive leaps.
They remember what they see and forget what they hear.
They may forget details but remember the BIG PICTURE forever.

Here are some of the differences between Visual-Spatial and Auditory-Sequential Learners.

Still curious? Learn more about VSLs here!

There is a Visual-Spatial Identifier. Learn More!


Bjorn to Pave from Addison Independent on Vimeo.

A young engineer embarks on a neighborhood construction project!

Photos and story: Laurel Coburn
Slideshow: Tamara Hilmes

Sometimes seen through their weak areas, VSLs have some amazing strengths - here are a few:

Spatial Strengths

Vivid Imagination

Visualization Skill

Getting the BIG PICTURE

3-D Mastery

Seeing Relationships

Pattern Recognition

Out-of-Box Thinking

Radar Scanning

Emotional Intensity


Learn more about these strengths here.